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Accessories Going to distance in every step:

  • 5-pair pack
  • NASA logo included on each pair
  • no-show socks
  • shoe size 4-10
  • sock size 9-10
  • polyester and spandex blend
  • machine wash cold
Accessories Don't break your back putting on your shoes:

  • 24" long handle
  • spring head for easier use
  • made of metal for durability
  • gripped handle
  • hanging loop for storage
Accessories How Robert Tucker Built SHOE SHOW, INC. into the Nation's Largest Independent Shoe Retailer.
  • hard back
  • cloth bound
  • library quality
Accessories Help Shoe Show celebrate 60 years of service with this stainless steel 20 ounce tumbler.

  • 20-ounce tumbler
  • 18-8 stainless steel dual wall construction
  • copper-lined, vacuum insulated deep draw liner provides 6X heat retention
  • features new slide-close lid to prevent spills and maintain drink temperatures longer
  • keeps ice over 24 hours
  • hand-wash thoroughly before use
  • do not wash in automatic dishwasher
  • do not microwave
  • when using lid, do not overfill
  • not recommended for long-term storage of liquids
  • allow contents to cool to a comfortable temperature and ensure lid is secure before drinking
  • keep out of reach of children when filled with hot liquid

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